Inside this cave within the oldest mountain in India - Arunachala, I had one of the most profound experiences in my life while meditating. I believe I experienced the ultimate meditation...for 2 hours my mind was completely free of thoughts, I felt the deepest peace and joy, I was content exactly as I was, not needing to change a thing, and I felt connected to everything.


It took me 18 years, a flight to India, a 3.5 hour car ride and climbing a mountain to sit inside a cave in order to have this ultimate meditation. Is the ultimate meditative state the goal of practicing meditation? For some yes it is, but for many no. Meditation helps me live my life in a modern world in so many ways and even before I achieved this ultimate state of meditation I received so much benefit. I live life with clarity, peace, lasting joy, purpose and fulfillment. I have the energy to achieve my goals and the inner strength, patience and wisdom to face challenges. I choose to expand the peace and joy I felt inside that cave into my modern, active, social, fun and colourful city life! And to help others to do the same :)





Certified meditation teacher

B.Eng (Electrical)


18 years ago Amanda started practicing meditation due to high anxiety and stress. Amanda started studying electrical engineering in university and put a huge amount of pressure on herself to achieve the highest results possible. This pressure in addition to some personal events, caused the anxiety and stress. A doctor recommended meditation.


Initially Amanda started teaching herself meditation, in the Buddhist technique Vipassana. Through trial and error she started to find methods that she enjoyed. Almost immediately she noticed results. After a few months her symptoms had dramatically improved but she continued with meditation due to increased interest and enjoyment. She has regularly practiced meditation since then, and it has been a tool to not only help her succeed in university and throughout her 10 years career as an electrical engineer, but also to live her life balanced, joyful and fulfilled.


Amanda attended Vipassa group classes and retreats in Australia and Thailand for 7 years, to learn with Buddhist Monks. She realised that meditation in a group is more powerful than alone.


After this time, she decided to change direction and learn something new. For the next 5 years she received one on one mentoring and training from Joanne Rogers – Reintegrate Australia. She learnt different techniques in meditation that included working with our energy centres, as well as energy healing and metaphysics.


Then in 2013 she made her first trip to India and started to follow Ramana Maharshis teachings of Advaita Vedantic philosophy as well as learn about pranayama (yogic breathing).


In the same year she was introduced to the Australian spiritual teacher Shakti Durga and other senior teachers of the spiritual school Shanti Mission. The techniques and methods taught within the school deeply touched her heart and enabled her to transform trauma, pain and unhealthy habits that she was not able to let go of before. The healing she received was life-changing and profound. She studied with them for 6 years and within the school became a certified meditation facilitator. The areas of focus were meditation, energy healing, vedic mantra and study of eastern and western philosophy. It was through Shakti Durga that she met her now spiritual teacher – Sri Sakthi Amma.


In 2017 Amanda met her now spiritual teacher/master – Sri Sakthi Amma. She has spent several months a year in India since then, visiting Amma for support, guidance and training. It is with Amma that she was given the confidence and strength to share her greatest passion to others by founding Joy-Filled Living.


Amanda teaches Joy-filled meditation which is a method that combines the three most powerful techniques she has learnt: Pranayama, mindfulness and Advaita Vedanta.




Sri Sakthi Amma is an esteemed spiritual leader in India. Sri Sakthi Amma helps empower devotees to life a live of truth, purpose, kindness, love and service. In 1995, Amma founded the Sri Narayani Peedam, a spiritual centre in a remote village called Thirumalaikodi, located near Vellore in Southern India. The centre has been created with the aim of assisting visitors to connect to more peace, harmony and wisdom regardless of religious beliefs. There are many charitable projects including feeding up to 10,000 people daily, planting trees across the region, donating cows and calves to poor families, free education and health care to those in need. Sri Sakthi Amma assisted Amanda to realise her lifes purpose and continues to give her the confidence to share her greatest passion and gift to the world. Amanda receives regular guidance and support from Amma.


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