10% of all profits made by Joy-filled Living will be donated to Sri Skathi Ammas education projects in the area of Malakiodi, Southern India. These projects help provide education and life changing opportunities to youth that would be unable to afford education otherwise.


Two schools and one orphanage have been built, and these continue to grow to allow more students and teachers. Each year improved infrastructure and resources are donated to help provide world-class education. Distribution of pens, books, furniture, school uniforms and technology are also provided to other schools in the Malakiodi area. Scholarships are provided to assist students to continue their study in Tertiary education.


In Sri Sakthi Ammas school projects there is an importance placed on education with moral values and spiritual transformation. The school curriculum includes practices such as yoga, meditation, Vedic chanting, music, dance, painting and martial arts. Joy-filled Living values this type of education and would like to contribute to helping kids in these financially poor areas receive the best education possible.